The ERAVISC X: 2 IN 1 – Viscosity & Density

By 27 February 2023March 6th, 2023New

Introducing the ERAVISC X – The Smallest Viscosity & Density meter with lab-precision

Introducing the ERAVISC X, the latest addition to Eralytics’ new line of portable and user-friendly instrument platforms called “The NEXT ERA. ” The ERAVISC X is a kinematic viscometer that utilizes a revolutionary capillary measuring cell to achieve high-precision viscosity testing at any temperature between 15°C and 100°C.

It also allows for independent measurements of viscosity and density, making it a 2-in-1 solution for determining both values at different temperatures. The device’s unique FillingProof™ solution detects even the smallest bubbles for maximum accuracy.

Its unique capillary viscosity measurement method determines the flow time of the sample as a function of the rapidly measured pressure. This patented principle combines the precision of traditional measurement methods with the speed and ease of use of eralytics instruments.

The large color touchscreen and its unique sample introduction from the top make your daily measurement routine highly efficient and equally easy to operate for right-handed and left-handed persons. Its ruggedness and reliability make it the ideal solution for daily viscosity measurements in the laboratory and directly in the field to immediately detect contamination, mix-up, and oil degradation.

In summary, the ERAVISC X is the perfect choice for those who require lab-precision viscosity and density measurements in both stationary laboratories and on-site measurements due to its ruggedness, reliability, and ease of use.