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For Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) please visit the Cannon Instruments website by clicking here.

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CANNON Reference Standards:

  • General Purpose Viscosity Standards
  • High Viscosity Standards
  • High Temperature Viscosity Standards for the High-Temp, High-Shear (HTHS) Viscometer
  • Low Temperature Viscosity Standards
  • SimpleVIS Viscosity Standards
  • Silicone Viscosity Standards for Rotational Viscometers
  • Thomas-Stormer Viscosity Standards
  • Viscosity Standards for Use with Zahn, Shell, & Ford Cups
  • Certified Viscosity Check Oils
  • Flash Point Reference Materials

Quality / Traceability:
The use of high-quality standards and reference materials ensures test reliability and accuracy. All CANNON viscosity standards are traceable to a NIST calibration and prepared in our ISO 9001-registered, A2LA-accredited laboratory. CANNON Instrument Company holds ISO 17025 and Guide 34 accreditation (certificates 1262.01 and 1262.02) from A2LA for competency in the manufacture and certification of reference materials. ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation further demonstrates our technical competence in calibration including the determination of kinematic and dynamic viscosity of standards as well as viscosity certification of customer samples. CANNON performs calibrations using the master viscometer procedures detailed in ASTM D2162.

Custom Blends and Added Temperatures:
To meet customer-specific needs, CANNON offers testing at additional temperatures for many of our standards. CANNON can also blend custom standards to your temperature and viscosity specifications. When ordering custom standards please state the acceptable kinematic or dynamic viscosity range and temperature(s) required. Also, specify whether density data is required. Custom standards are quoted based on customer-specific formulation and testing requirements. Standards will be blended within ┬▒5% of the customer specified target.

We can supply the CANNON viscosity standards in volumes of:

  • 4 oz. Size (120 mL)
  • Pint Size (470 mL)
  • Quart Size (940 mL)
  • Gallon Size (3,8 L)
  • 5-Gallon Size (19 L)

For Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) please visit the Cannon Instruments website by clicking here

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Asphalt/bitumen, Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, Environmental, Food/Flavor/Fragrances, Marine, Mining, Paints & Coatings, Petroleum, Pharma, Plastics


ASTM D2170, ASTM D2171, ASTM D2983, ASTM D3829, ASTM D445, ASTM D446, ASTM D5481, ASTM D56, ASTM D92, ASTM D93, ISO 3104, ISO 3105, SAE Spec. J300