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Pro-pak Protruded Metal Distillation Packing.

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Pro-pak Protruded Metal Distillation Packing.

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Features & Benefits

  • Wettability: Pro-Pak is formed from metal ribbon through which more than 1,000 tiny holes per square inch have been protruded. As the points of the die push through the metal, jagged burrs are formed on the back side of the ribbon. Pro-PakÔÇÖs unique wetting properties derive from a rectangular network of capillaries on the surface of the metal, produced by the combined effect of the holes in the ribbon and the roughness of the burrs.

  • Surface Area: The large surface area made effective by the wettability of Pro-Pak allows for efficient mass transfer between the liquid and vapor phases.

  • Free Space: High free space is especially important in vacuum distillation (for reduction of pressure drop) and in extractive distillation and absorption (where high liquid or vapor loading is common). Pro-Pak has high free space (94% for the 0.16- inch size and 96% for the 24-inch size).