MKV-710S, Karl Fischer moisture titrator, Volumetric

KEM product

*The photo includes ‘Additional Burette KF(10mL)'(option). A single burette is equipped as standard.

The large color TFT-LCD with a touch panel (8.4-inch) enables easy key entry. It can resume titration automatically after interruption.

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  • Titrant Information is stored in an IC chip in the burette unit (Smart burette)
  • New burette unit
  • Large color TFT-LCD with a touch panel (8.4-inch)
  • Two different user levels and permissions
  • Measurement results are converted to PDF and can be stored in a USB flash drive
  • When using ADP-611 , a patented scan mode automatically determines the optimal evaporation temperature. (Japanese Patent No. 4247093)
  • End point detection by compensating liquid resistance is adopted. (Japanese Patent No. 1896338)
  • Can resume titration automatically after interruption
  • Automatic solvent change unit is included.

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