Foam DDI-FOAM Digital Detection Imaging

Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils, the all new FoamDDI eliminates the need for sample manipulation and critical timing involved with regular foam detector methods.

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ASTM D892 has been developed to determine the foaming characteristics of lubricants oils, by empirically rating their foaming tendency and stability. One can also say: ASTM D892 has been developed to determine a lubricants ability to resist foam formation and dissipate foam creation. However, measuring foam heights is a challenge, as it relies on the human eye” to measure foam heights which create a significant user resulting in human errors, bias and poor repeatability and reproducibility. The FOAM Digital Detection Imaging (FoamDDI) accurately controls the air flow, temperature and sequence, which is then augmented using a unique VISION algorithm to accurately determine the height of station and dynamic foam heights, while greatly improving the precision and accuracy.

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Condition Monitoring, Lubricating Oil




Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, Marine, Mining, Petroleum


ASTM D6082, ASTM D892, IP 146, ISO 6247

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  • Fully compliant to ASTM D892
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen
  • Simple Operation
  • Multi language display & print out
  • Results Manager software – output to LIMS
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