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ERASPEC OIL is a portable stand-alone infrared analyzer for high-speed lubricant oil analysis and condition monitoring in full compliance with ASTM, DIN and JOAP methods. Its patented interferometer design delivers laboratory-grade results directly on site. ERASPEC OIL measures contaminants, degradation products, additive depletion as well as calculated properties like TAN, TBN, and viscosity within seconds.

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When performing an used oil analysis with ERASPEC OIL one of two methods can be chosen. With ā€œDirect Trendingā€ the lubricant properties are directly calculated from the recorded absorbance. With ā€œSpectral Subtractionā€ the fresh oil is used (and stored) as reference before the measurement and is subtracted from the measured in-service oil. Generally speaking ā€œSpectral Subtractionā€ gives better results as only the changes to the oil during operation are analyzed. Knowing the spectrum of the fresh oil allows the measurement of the remaining anti oxidants in percentage for example. Complex parameters such as TAN & TBN or viscosity are calculated by chemometrical models based on databases containing used oil spectra of known values.

Expandable Databases

ERASPEC OIL is equipped with different databases for oil property calculations as different engines use up the oil differently. Using the wrong database will lead to incorrect results of the calculated properties. Choosing the correct database, however, allows various parameters to be predicted with high precision. Beside the already included libraries, new customized libraries can be easily added, thus improving the results of your oil analysis even further. Using customized libraries gives ERASPEC OIL the ability to learn completely new parameters that are not covered by the factory libraries.

On-screen Trending Graphs

ERASPEC OIL offers the possibility to plot the measurement results of the used oil analysis directly on the large color touchscreen. This allows to track the temporal changes of parameters of interest. ERASPEC OIL can plot the values of the driven distance of an engine or the operating ours of a gas turbine for example. All relevant information, such as trending ID, fresh oil spectrum and libraries needed, are pre-configured on the instrument. After selecting the trending ID a measurement is run and the trending graphs are display directly afterwards. That way, for example, a sudden rise in oxidation or a major drop in base reserve will be noted at first glance directly on-site.

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