DA-860 / DA-850 / DA-840, Density / Specific Gravity Meter

Bringing automated density measurements to the next level.

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A small volume (approximately 1 ml when using a syringe, to 2 mL when using the built in air pump) of liquid sample is introduced into an oscillating sample tube and the change in oscillating frequency caused by the change in the mass of the tube is used in conjunction with calibration data to determine the density, relative density, or API Gravity of the sample. Both manual and automated injection techniques are described. The DA-860 has a six digit display, the DA-850 a 5 digit display and the DA-840 comes with a 4 digit display.

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ASTM D1475, ASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, ASTM D5931, ISO 12185, ISO 15212


Asphalt/bitumen, Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, crude, Environmental, Food/Flavor/Fragrances, Marine, Mining, Paints & Coatings, Petroleum, Pharma


Bitumen, Condition Monitoring, Crude Oil, Fuels, General Lab Supplies, Lubricating Oil, Reference Material, Residual Fuel

Features & Benefits

  • Separate configuration for the operation unit and measuring unit
  • Easy check of measurement cell
  • DI (data Integrity support function
  • Operation by tablet PC or regular PC (not included with the system)
  • Built-in camera for cell viewing
  • Shorter measurement time (compared to previous models), as short as approx. 10 seconds (depends on condition)
  • Easy data transfer
  • Bubble detection function


The DA86X series can be connected to an autosampler, model AS-8030 (see picture). The autosampler has the following features:

  • High volume drying pump that shortens drying time
  • Selectable types of flow unit (4) for the best match of the application
  • DA86X is placed on top of the autosample, space saving configuration