CuDDI – Copper Digital Detection Imaging

The new Copper Digital Detection Imaging (CuDDI) instrument from VISAYA Inc. identifies exact levels of corrosiveness present in petroleum products through a 4-step automated vision algorithm and classification process, eliminating operator bias.

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Corrosion to copper has become a critical indicator of sulfur compounds present in crude oils that persist even after refining processes. Measuring corrosivity continues to be a challenge, as no accurate standardized test has been developed to date. Current corrosivity tests involve manual and visual assessments, resulting in human error and bias. The petroleum industry calls for a high-level, high-tech standard for copper corrosion detection.

CuDDI’s simplified, the procedure provides improved ratings, corrosion testing methods and sample handling over current tests. Using a corrosion detection range of 1a through 4C, outcomes are digitally recorded and seamlessly integrated with LIMS software.

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Crude Oil, Fuels, Grease & Wax, LPG, Lubricating Oil, Residual Fuel




Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, crude, Marine, Mining, Petroleum


ASTM D130, ASTM D1838, ASTM D4048, IP 145, IP 411, ISO 2160, ISO 6251