CS-APC-22M Automated Particle Counter with 22 positions sample tray

CINRG product

CS-APC-22M Automated Particle Counter according test method ASTM D7647-10.



The CINRG CS-APC-22M particle counting system is a fully automated system that meets the requirements of ASTM D7647-10 in which oil samples are diluted with solvent prior to testing in order to eliminate interferences from” soft” particles such as water, varnish and suspended liquid additives.

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ASTM D7647-10



Features & Benefits

  • Fully Automated Samples are batched by quickly pouring suitable volumes of homogenized sample into 2oz (32ml) sample cups that are placed in the 104 position sample tray.
  • Auto-Dilution Samples do not require accurate dispensing as the volume of the sample in each cup is measured automatically by the system to an accuracy of ±2% prior to dilution.
  • Handles a wide range of viscosities, as samples are automatically diluted prior to testing and dilution ratios can be varied between 1:0 (no dilution) and 1:9 (one part oil and 9 part solvent) it is possible to process samples having a wide range in viscosities.
  • Highly customable automatization.
  • Automatic Solvent Verification.