Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)

Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) & Standards for Petroleum Analysis.



Single and multi-element standards (both aqueous and oil-based) We specialize in custom blends, should the stock products not suit your specific needs.

  • Petroleum standards for analysis by ICP, ICP-MS, XRF, RDE, UVF, physical testing instruments and other oil analysis instruments
  • Analytical reference standards for both new and in-service oil applications
  • Standards for ASTM, DIN, IP, ISO, JIS and ANFOR methods, including EPA Tier 3 methods
  • Certified Quality | ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 17034 | ISO/IEC 17025 | ISO/IEC 17043.

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Reference Material


Asphalt/bitumen, Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, Environmental, Food/Flavor/Fragrances, Marine, Mining, Paints & Coatings, Petroleum, Pharma, Plastics


ASTM D2386, ASTM D2500, ASTM D2622, ASTM D2887, ASTM D3120, ASTM D3227, ASTM D3246, ASTM D3524, ASTM D3525, ASTM D3606, ASTM D3710, ASTM D4045, ASTM D4059, ASTM D4294, ASTM D4420, ASTM D445, ASTM D4629, ASTM D4739, ASTM D4815, ASTM D4927, ASTM D4929, ASTM D4951, ASTM D5059, ASTM D5134, ASTM D5185, ASTM D5191, ASTM D5384, ASTM D5441, ASTM D5442, ASTM D5443, ASTM D5453, ASTM D5501, ASTM D5580, ASTM D5599, ASTM D56, ASTM D5623, ASTM D5708, ASTM D5769, ASTM D5967, ASTM D5986, ASTM D6160, ASTM D6296, ASTM D6304, ASTM D6334, ASTM D6352, ASTM D6366, ASTM D6371, ASTM D6443, ASTM D6445, ASTM D6481, ASTM D6595, ASTM D6729, ASTM D6730, ASTM D6751, ASTM D7169, ASTM D7213, ASTM D7371, ASTM D7423, ASTM D7593, ASTM D7844, ASTM D7922, ASTM D850, ASTM D86, ASTM D92, ASTM D93, ASTM D97, ASTM D974