TE-BBR PRO Thermoelectric Bending Beam Rheometer

CANNON product

ASTM D6648 and AASHTO T313 – For Asphalt Binder Research, Mix Design, Forensic Studies and Repeated Stress and Creep Recovery.

The CANNON Thermoelectric Bending-Beam Rheometer Pro™ (TE-BBR Pro™) is an exciting new addition to the CANNON family of asphalt test equipment. The new TE-BBR Pro™ allows for heavier loads to be applied with controlled stress rates for asphalt mixtures. (44 N)

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The TE-BBR Pro is the only programmable, bending beam rheometer that allows high loads, up to 44 N, to be applied under truly controlled stress rates for asphalt binder research, mix design, forensic studies and repeated stress and creep recovery testing. Bath temperature is thermoelectrically controlled to ‒40 °C. NOTE: This instrument is not designed to meet the low end force requirement (0.15 mN) of ASTM D6648 and AASHTO T313 and does not control strain.


Common Applications

  • Asphalt binder research
  • Asphalt mix design
  • Asphalt forensic studies
  • Repeated stress and creep recovery testing

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