TE-1500 Sub-Zero Constant Temperature Bath

CANNON product

ASTM D445/D446, ISO 3104/3105. The TE-1500 series constant temperature bath, with integrated thermoelectric cooling, accommodates viscometer tubes requiring a bath depth up to 12″ and provides reliable temperature control from −30 °C to 10 °C. 

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The thermoelectrically-cooled TE-1500 provides rock-steady cooling to -30°C using Peltier cell technology. Cooling fans and front panel controls are the only moving parts in this advanced design. A four-pane frost-free viewing window and twin fluorescent lamps provide excellent visibility and illumination within the bath.


Common Applications

  • Formulated oil analysis
  • Hydraulic oil analysis
  • Additive analysis
  • Marine fuel testing
  • Base stock analysis
  • Light and heavy fuel testing
  • Waxes/paraffin
  • Crude oil testing
  • Glycols

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ASTM D445, ASTM D446, ISO 3104, ISO 3105