CMRV-5000 Self-Contained Mini-Rotary Viscometer

CANNON product

For Low Temperature Pumping Viscosity of Engine Oils. ASTM D4684, ASTM D3829, ASTM D6821*, ASTM D6896, SAE J300. The semi-automated CMRV-5000 is a compact and completely self-contained mini-rotary viscometer for measuring low temperature pumping viscosity from –5 °C to –40 °C. It comes with five removable test cells and offers integrated thermoelectric air-cooling.

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The CANNON CMRV-5000 Mini-Rotary Viscometer is designed to measure yield stress and viscosity of drive line lubricants and new and used automotive engine oils over a temperature range of
–5°C to –40°C, meeting ASTM D 4684, D 3829, D 6821 and D 6896 requirements. The CMRV instrument determines pumping viscosity in accordance with the latest SAE J300 specifications

The CMRV-5000 contains five viscometric cells machined to tight tolerances to fit the thermostated aluminum block. The cells are removable to facilitate sample handling and cleaning of cells and rotors. The CMRV-5000 provides a new level of benchtop performance in a sleek, self-contained, thermoelectrically maintained system. No accessory refrigeration units or heat exchangers are required.


Common Applications

  • Drive line lubricants
  • New engine oils
  • Used automotive oils

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ASTM D3829, SAE Spec. J300, ASTM D4684, ASTM D6821, ASTM D6896