CMRV-4500 Mini Rotary ViscometerCMRV-4500 Mini Rotary Viscometer

CMRV-4500 Mini-Rotary Viscometer

CANNON product

For Low Temperature Pumping Viscosity of Engine Oils. ASTM D4684, ASTM D3829, ASTM D6821*, ASTM D6896, SAE J300. The CMRV-4500 is a semi-automated mini-rotary viscometer for measuring low-temperature pumping viscosity from –5 °C to –40 °C. It has 9 test cells and is thermoelectrically-cooled via an external air/water heat exchanger.

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The CANNON CMRV-4500 Mini-Rotary Viscometer is designed to measure yield stress and viscosity of drive line lubricants and new and used automotive engine oils over a temperature range of
-5°C to -40°C, meeting ASTM D 4684, D 3829, D 6821 and D 6896 requirements. The CMRV instrument determines pumping viscosity in accordance with the latest SAE J300 specifications.

The CMRV-4500 contains nine small rotary viscometers within a thermostated aluminum block this eliminates the need for methanol-based external refrigeration devices. Instead, the CMRV-4500 uses a compact air/water heat exchanger that circulates a mixture of coolant water and antifreeze through the instrument to cool the hot side of the thermoelectric cells. The result is a quiet, low-maintenance system without potentially hazardous refrigerants.


Common Applications

  • Drive line lubricants
  • New engine oils
  • Used automotive oils

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ASTM D3829, ASTM D4684, ASTM D6821, ASTM D6896, SAE Spec. J300

Features & Benefits

Reliable and accurate results

  • Meets requirements of ASTM D4684, ASTM D3829, ASTM D6821* and ASTM D6896
  • Meets latest SAE J300 specifications for low-temperature pumpability
  • Reliable and accurate temperature control from −5 °C to −40 °C
  • High resolution optical encoder for digital detection of yield stress and viscosity
  • Dry gas purge regulator maintains a frost-free environment throughout the precise, microprocessor-controlled cooling cycle

Compact, efficient design

  • Benchtop unit measures yield stress and viscosity of drive line lubricants and engine oils
  • Environmentally friendly (no freon gas), solid-state thermoelectric cooling removes temperature gradients to provide enhanced precision and uniform temperature across all 9 test cells
  • Air/water heat exchanger provides a quiet, low-maintenance system without a need for potentially hazardous refrigerants
  • High performance rotors with locking pins and carbon fiber shafts minimize test cell heat transfer
  • Integrated drawer unit for convenient storage of CMRV accessories including rotors, weights, and cell caps.

Semi-automated testing

  • Windows®-based VISCPRO® software offers preconfigured profiles for each SAE-specified oil grade and referenced ASTM method as well as the option for custom cooling profile configuration
  • Software provides graphical representation of cooling profiles
  • Viscosity and yield stress are automatically calculated and stored or exported via built-in LIMS output
  • Optional multi-unit interface kit permits networking and control of up to four CMRV units from a single PC

* With optional drive line rotor kit