CCS-2100 Automated Cold-Cranking Simulator

CANNON product

The automated CCS-2100 is a cold-cranking simulator for measuring apparent viscosity of engine oils from –35 °C to –5 °C. Automated sample loading, operation and solvent-free cleaning permit unattended processing of up to 30 samples at one time.

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The CANNON Thermoelectrically-Cooled Cold-Cranking Simulators measure the apparent viscosity of oils at temperatures from –35°C to –5°C with the CCS-2100 and –40°C to –5°C with the CCS-2100LT within a viscosity range of 900 mPa•s to 25,000 mPas.

The CCS-2100 and the CCS-2100LT combines automatic sample loading, computer-controlled operation, and solvent-free cleaning to permit completely unattended operation. No further operator involvement is required after initial loading of the sample table and identification of samples. The CCS-2100 will automatically test up to 30 samples at one time, calculate their viscosities, and record the results, freeing the operator for other tasks.

Improved temperature management of the rotor/stator eliminates the need for grouping the samples by temperature of analysis, as was necessary in previous CCS models. In addition, a thermoelectric sample warming cycle greatly improves the sample flushing process.


Common Applications

  • Engine oils
  • Lubricating oils
  • Base stocks

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