Automated Foaming test apparatus

New equipment for tests acc. to ASTM D 892 – IP 146 with mass-flow controllers and touch-screen interface capable to automatically blow the requested air amount into the sample in the prescribed amount of time, save and store data, print test reports.

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Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils. The apparatus consists of a frame supporting two Pyrex jars (one for 24 and one for 93.5°C) and a control box with all the electronics.

The equipment permits to perform the analysis automatically with high precision mass flow controllers: it’s enough to pour the sample in the cylinder and to insert the cylinder in the jar. By pressing a button on the 8.4” touch screen display, the test sequence will be started: after a selectable waiting time, the prescribed 470 ml of air is blown into the sample in 5 minutes: an audible alarm alerts the user 30 sec. prior to the end of the blowing time.

The apparatus permits also to record test data, diagnose and calibrate temperature and flow sensors.

Apparatus can be delivered with two high precision mass flow controllers (for 2 simultaneous tests) and four high precision mass flow controllers (for 4 simultaneous tests)

We can deliver the needed additional accessories like, different gas diffusers: cylindrical-shaped and ball-shaped, Air-drying tower, diffuser stone test/calibration set to check the maximum pore diameter and permeability, officially certified wet test meter to check the total air-flow rate, automatic gas diffuser washer.

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ASTM D892, IP 146