APM-8 Automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

Tanaka product

The Tanaka APM-8 is an automated Pensky Martens Closed Cup flash point tester. Which measures the flash point at the lowest temperature at which the application of an ignition source causes the vapors of a sample to ignite.

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Different test procedures are built in for varied samples: Procedure-A for homogeneous petroleum liquids such as distillate fuels like diesel, heating oil and kerosene. Procedure-B for residual fuel oils and other non-homogeneous liquids, and Procedure-C for
biodiesel (FAME).

The Tanaka APM-8 is equipped with a fire containment system for enhanced safety. External inert gas (CO2 or N2) rapidly flows and contains fire in case of excessive flame spread around the test cup.

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