ASP-6 Softening Point Tester

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Softening Point Tester ASP-6.

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ASP-6 automates the softening point test by ring-and-ball method for bitumen or similar substances, prescribed in ASTM D36, ASTM E28, EN 1427 and IP 58 . The theme of the 6th generation model is ÔÇťErgonomic, Versatile and Premium. A photo-electric device with wide light beam is employed to assure a reliable automatic detection of softening point.

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ASTM D36, EN 1427, IP 58


Chemical, Petroleum


Distillation, Fuels

Features & Benefits

Thanks to the wide light projector and wide light receiver, asp-6 detects ball even if the ball falls with some angle. asp-6 can store up to 200 test results and export to an optional printer or to a LIMS through RS232 /Ethernet port.

Just set up the specimen, choose the bath liquid type and press the START key; all the rest of the test procedures such as heating, softening point detection, and heater cooling are performed automatically.

Features: Easy Operation, Simple Data handling, Reliable falling detection.