Aquamax KF Pro LPG

ECH Scientific product

Aquamax KF Pro LPG water determination in gases.



The Aquamax KF PRO LPG is designed for an easy and accurate determination of water in liquefied and gaseous samples such as LPG and LNG. The new device combines coulometric Karl Fischer method with an unique gas evaporation and dosing procedure.

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Features & Benefits

  • Sulfur removal cartridge eliminating side reactions
  • No interference calculation required
  • 250 measurements can be performed in 48 hours
  • Totally automated process, no operator input required for the test
  • Suitable to test all gas types without any calibration or adjustments
  • No separate rinsing gas is required
  • Rinsing process is fully automated
  • No balance is required
  • High sample throughput and long reagent life
  • Compact device