Aquamax KF Portable on-site ppm water content

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Aquamax KF Portable on-site water content in ppm.



Measuring and controlling the amount of water in oils and fuels is of considerable economic importance to the industrial community, particularly to the petroleum,

fuel, used oils and electric power industries. Water content determination by Karl Fischer titration is no longer restricted to being used by a chemist in a laboratory ÔÇô now the technique is used by, plant operators, tanker drivers, distribution/maintenance engineers and other non-laboratory personnel.

Karl Fischer titrations can now be performed in many different locations such as the tailgate of trucks, mobile laboratories, offshore installations, tankers, engineering workshops and dockside cabins. The Aquamax KF Portable is simply a mobile version of the very successful Aquamax KF Plus.

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Features & Benefits

  • ┬áSimple operation
  • 10 user programmable methods

  • ┬á1ppm / 100%

  • ┬áResults in ppm, mg/kg, % & ╬╝g water

  • ┬áMulti language display & print out

  • ┬áSmall footprint

  • ┬áIntegral high speed printer

  • Integral battery

  • ┬áFully portable

  • ┬áLow drift cell design

  • ┬áResults Manager software

  • ┬áAutomatically compensated errors (patented technique)