Aqua 40.00 Oil Module

ECH Scientific product

Aqua 40.00 Oil Module Water determination in oil samples.



The gas extraction is the ideal method to detect moisture in oil samples and viscous substances. For this analysis, the Oil Module is combined with the Basic Module of AQUA 40.00. Trace amounts of water can be measured with the special heating chamber for oils. The sample has no contact with the reagent. Therefore the consumption of reagent is low.

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Features & Benefits

  • Closed-loop carrier gas circulation
  • No contact of sample with the reagent
  • Low consumption of reagent
  • Water determination down to 1 ppm range (0.0001 %)
  • Wide range of application
  • No sample preparation
  • For sample amounts from 0.01 up to 20 mL
  • Short measuring time
  • No blank value, low drift
  • Heating with temperature program or isothermal heating
  • Software complies with requirements of FDA to 21 CFR Part 11