Aqua 40.00 HT 1300 oven moduleAqua 40.00 HT 1300 oven module

Aqua 40.00 basic module

ECH Scientific product

Aqua 40.00 Basic Module / Available extension modules; vario Head Space Module, oil Module and Solid Module and high Temperature Oven Module



The Basic Module is the essential device for micro-coulometric water determination according to Karl-Fischer Titration in liquid samples and gases. This coulometric titration is based on the electrochemical generation of the iodine needed for the determination. There is no need for any working with titer of KF-reagent and their adjustment.

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Features & Benefits

  • Infinitely variable electrolysis current for very fast analysis
  • Adjustment of titration rate to current amount of water to be titrated
  • Low background drift
  • All customary KF-reagents are suitable
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Defined methods for measurement
  • Status display through large-scale coloration
  • Additional heating modules can be used