AD-7 Automated Distillation Tester

Tanaka product

The AD-7 automatically performs distillation tests of petroleum products as well as narrow boiling range samples.

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Tanaka’s 7th generation model AD-7 is an eco-friendly automated distillation tester with a built–in Peltier system which can cool and heat the condenser as well as the receiver compartment.

AD-7 has 11 preset programs and allows the operator to add other 15 programs. Just by selecting the program and setting the sample then pressing the start button, AD-7 carries out the distillation test process automatically and prints out the results by the built-in printer.


  • 10.4 inch colour screen is 4 times larger than the previous model
  • Intuitive operation by Touch Panel
  • Advanced data management software; TDAS (Tanaka Data Acquisition System)


  • up to 200 test modes can be recorded
  • up to 5,000 test results can be stored
  • RS-232C, USB port, Ethernet communication ports


  • Fire containment system: the heater shuts down when ultraviolet sensor detects a fire and CO gas flows into the heater room (if connected to CO)
  • Flask Catcher reduces the risk of breaking vapour tube of flask
  • Overheat protection: heater shuts down automatically at the upper end of the temperature scale

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ASTM D1078, ASTM D850, ASTM D86, IP 123, ISO 3405


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Distillation, Fuels