ABL-8 Automated Abel Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

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ABL-8 Automated Abel Closed Cup Flash Point Tester. Test Methods ISO 13736, IP 170, ISO 1516, ISO 1523.

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Abl-8 is an automated Able Closed Cup flash point tester to cover flammable and combustible materials for shipping and safety regulations.

Heating / Cooling is by energy efficient Peltier modules attached to a metal block bath.

Air-cooled model abl-8a and liquid cooled model abl-8l are available for different temperature ranges (Model abl-8l requires an optional chiller).

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Features & Benefits

● Ergonomic: Color coordinated display and switches for high visibility / intuitive operation, and universal design

● Versatile: USB port for USB flash drive or keyboard, password protection and enhanced data storage

● Robust: Premium design and high quality finish suited for many years of reliable use

● Safe: Enhanced safety with fire containment system (Default for apm, atg & aco, optional for abl)