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  • Automated Foaming test apparatus

    New equipment for tests acc. to ASTM D 892 – IP 146 with mass-flow controllers and touch-screen interface capable to automatically blow the requested air amount into the sample in the prescribed amount of time, save and store data, print test reports.

  • Manual Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester

    SCAVINI product

    Manual equipment with theĀ stove, air bath and top plateĀ realized exactly as reported in theĀ  ASTM D 93 – IP 34 – ISO 2719 methods and equipped with electric heating, digital temperature display, gas ignitor and electric stirrer.

  • Water Separability of Petroleum Oils and Synthetic Fluids

    This is a Six-place apparatus according to ASTM D 1401 with electric lifting mechanism, digital tachometer, adjustable speed electric stirrer, electronic temperature controller, level and overtemperature alarm.