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  • AutoREID Reid Vapor Pressure tester

    AD systems product

    The AutoREID apparatus from AD systems is an automated Reid Vapor pressure instrument in full compliance with ASTM D323-B, ASTM D4953, and similar standards.

  • Eravap, Vapor Pressure Testing at its best

    Eralytics product

    Depending on the application ERAVAP is available in two versions. The standard model ERAVAP measures with a 1000 kPa high precision pressure sensor and is the perfect solution for most applications. For special applications like vapor pressure testing of liquefied petroleum gas (propane, and propane/butane mixtures) ERAVAP LPG is your instrument of choice featuring an extended pressure range up to 2000 kPa.

  • RX-630SA X-Ray Sulfur Meter

    Tanaka product

    Model RX-630SA determines total sulfur in petroleum products using energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) method, which is a quick, non-destructive, economical but yet accurate method.