ERACHECK X, the latest portable oil-in-water tester

By 3 October 2021New

We are happy to present you eralytics latest product innovation: The portable

oil-in-water analyzer ERACHECK X.

The oil-in-water analyzer ERACHECK X is eralytics first analyzer based on our new portable and easy-to-operate instrument platform, convincing with a rugged aluminum housing with most compact dimensions, offering a large color touchscreen and a state-of-the-art built-in industry PC.

ERACHECK X is a high-end dual-beam non-dispersive IR spectrometer for the highly accurate measurement of oil-in-water. Based on the inexpensive and environmentally friendly CFC-free solvent, cyclohexane, ERACHECK X measures TOG, TPH, and FOG in water in full compliance with ASTM D8193 with sub-ppm precision, offering excellent correlation to EPA 1664, ISO 9377, and OSPAR.

The simplified extraction procedure is performed in a few steps, requiring minimum glassware and easy cleaning. The fully automated measurement of the extract takes only 2 minutes. Results are displayed on the large full-color touchscreen and can be exported via USB directly to a flash drive or PC for LIMS. Its ruggedness and reliability make ERACHECK X the perfect solution for fast on-site compliance testing in harsh ambient conditions like the daily work on oil drilling platforms and as a portable field tester for wastewater professionals.