Reference and check fuels blending for octane en cetane number testing




The NABLEND unit from NORMALAB with the last Windows embedded version, is a valuable help for the preparation of reference fuels, for the octane and cetane number determination, according to ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700 and ASTM D613.

The automatic NABLEND units are used for ASTM reference and check fuels in conjunction with CFR engines.

The simplicity and reliability of manufacturing, make the NABLEND units extremely suitable for long-term operation under the special conditions of an octane laboratory. The “free blending” capability creates opportunities for different applications, like special fuel blending for special engines.





Automatic blending by weight

After the required volume and targets are given, the computer makes the necessary calculations, starts and controls the blending process until the reference fuel is made.

The method is fast, accurate, comfortable and needs no special attention from the operator.




Built-in software

A micro controller independently controls the blending process. The strokes of the dosing pumps are decreased below 10mg/stroke at the end of a dosing cycle, in order to reach nearly perfect accuracy at the highest speed.

The database not only stores the blending parameters, but the whole history of logins, operation, remote database access and internal technological event.



The results are stored in a database and certicates can be printed for all blends. The certificates contain all necessary data like:
• Serial number of the blend given by the computer
• Operator Name
• Date and time
• Effective octane/cetane number and volume
• Targeted octane/cetane number and volume
• Consumption of blending components


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