Corporate structure

Like all organizations Zematra is built around different departments which all contribute to the success of the company. We have listed the e-mail addresses of the different departments. Please feel free to contact them for any specific questions related to their responsibilities.

President Bart Zegers, bzegers [at] zematra [dot] com
Management team Bart Zegers, bzegers [at] zematra [dot] com
Jan van der Kleijn, jvdkleijn [at] zematra [dot] com
Fred Nijsen, fnijsen [at] zematra [dot] com
Finance finance [at] zematra [dot] com
Technical service service [at] zematra [dot] com
Logistics/Customer serv. logistics [at] zematra [dot] com
Sales info [at] zematra [dot] com
Order processing order [at] zematra [dot] com
Marketing marketing [at] zematra [dot] com
Quality Assurance iso [at] zematra [dot] com
HRM hrm [at] zematra [dot] com

You may also use the website reply form which is in the contact section or send an e-mail to
info [at] zematra [dot] com